2015-09-18 09:09 ET - News Release
Mr. Christopher Anderson reports
Ximen Mining Corp. has received analytical results for 2015 rock samples from its high-grade Gold Drop project, located near Greenwood in southeastern British Columbia. The company collected 50 grab rock samples in the eastern region of the Project, mainly from trenches previously excavated by the Company. These trenches were excavated in the area of the gold and silver bearing Gold Drop and North Star vein system and their respective underground workings (British Columbia Energy and Mines MINEFILE Mineral Occurrence Nos. 082ESE152 and 082ESE153). The highlight was a sample from a block of quartz - galena vein material, excavated from one trench near the Upper North Star Adit, which returned 159 grams per tonne gold and 744 grams per tonne silver.
The Gold Drop Project is described in a revised NI-43-101 Technical Report dated January 21, 2014. The property has seen high grade gold production as recent as the 1980's. The property covers geologically prospective ground in the well-mineralized Greenwood District, and hosts 8 or more known low-sulfide, gold-bearing veins or vein systems, including the North Star, Gold Drop, Amandy, Lakeview and Moonlight. The property also has 100's of meters of underground workings.
The 2015 grab rock samples were collected mainly from bedrock and rubble in recent trenches in the area of the Gold Drop and North Star vein system. All 50 samples were within a 1 by 0.7 kilometre area. These included quartz; quartz with pyrite; and quartz with variable sulfides including pyrite, galena and chalcopyrite (and possibly tellurides). One sample of wall rock bedrock was also collected (sample GD-R-15-4). Sample GD-R-15-1 was from a piece of quartz - sulfide vein rubble near an open-cut in this area. High grade sample GD-R-15-25 was from a large block (approximately 2 x 1.5 x 0.4 metres) of quartz vein with galena excavated from one trench and currently located adjacent to that trench. All samples were submitted to ALS Global for assay -analysis. All samples were assayed for gold by Fire Assay and AAS with sample GD-R-15-25 also assayed for gold by Fire Assay and Gravimetric Finish. Twenty-five of the samples were later analyzed for 33 elements (including silver, copper, lead and zinc) by Four Acid digestion and ICP-AES.
The samples returning the highest values for gold also returned the highest values for silver and included the highest values for lead and copper. Eighteen of the 50 samples returned greater than 0.5 grams per tonne gold (greater than 0.5 parts per million) with ten samples also exceeding 1 grams per tonne gold and 10 grams per tonne silver, listed in the following table (ppm being parts per million):
Sample Gold Silver Copper Lead
Number (ppm) (ppm) (ppm) (ppm)Description
GD-R-15-1 4.91 36 1710 15950Quartz-galena-chalcopyrite
vein rubble near open-cut (383228E & 5447347N). Approximately 60 metres
northwest of Upper North Star Adit.
GD-R-15-8 7.03 48 950 5540Quartz-galena-chalcopyrite-pyrite
vein rubble in new trench #4 (383230E & 5447423N). Approximately
76 metres north of sample 1
GD-R-15-12 1.21 14 50 560Quartz-pyrite-galena vein
bedrock in new trench #1 (383030E & 5447080N), approximately 130 metres
southwest of the Upper Gold Drop Adit. Vein is 30 centimetres wide, striking
northwest and dipping northeast.
GD-R-15-13 19.95 26 2120 3390Quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite-galena
vein outcrop in new trench #1 (383039E & 5447076N), possibly same vein as sample 12.
Vein is 30 centimetres wide, striking northwest and dipping northeast.
GD-R-15-14 2.41 14 30 50Quartz-pyrite vein outcrop
in new trench #2 (383123E & 5447068N), approximately 50 metres southwest of the
Upper Gold Drop Adit. Vein is at least 1 metre wide, striking northeast and dipping southeast.
GD-R-15-15 1.48 12 <10 50Outcrop sample from same
vein as sample 14, approximately 3 metres northeast along strike.
GD-R-15-22 1.73 11 60 110Quartz vein outcrop in
new trench #3 (383232E & 5447402N), approximately 115 metres north-northwest
of the Upper North Star Adit. Vein is 25-45 centimetres wide, striking north and dipping east.
GD-R-15-25 159 744 70 17000Quartz-galena vein rubble,
which was excavated from new trench #14. Exact source location in trench is uncertain.
GD-R-15-26 12.2 78 600 12450Quartz-galena vein outcrop
in new trench #14 (383218E & 5447317N), approximately 35 metres northwest of
the Upper North Star Adit. Vein is 40 centimetres wide, striking slightly
northeast and dipping southeast.
GD-R-15-27 12.55 100 20 1900Outcrop sample from
same vein as sample 26, approximately 3 metres northwest along strike
(vein is 30 centimetres wide here).

Ximen management is prioritizing the area of Trenches 1 and 2 west-southwest of the Upper Gold Drop Adit and area of Trench 14 northwest of the Upper North Star Adit for future work including possible additional trenching and drilling.
Prospecting is also being conducted in the northwest region of the project in an area of six documented gold occurrences including Amandy, Lakeview and Moonlight. Al Beaton, P.Eng. is the Qualified Person under NI 43-101 who supervised the program and who has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release.
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