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    1) https://www.mindoro.com/s/Deutsch.asp?ReportID=113249&_Type=Deutsch&_Title=V erstrkte-Marktaktivitt

    2) ===============================================
    Re: Press Releases - Friday, August 05, 2005
    Update on Surigao Projects: Drilling Planned on Multiple Porphyry
    Copper-Gold Prospects

    Mindoro Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MIO; Frankfurt: OLM) today provided an
    update on the Surigao Joint Venture on Mindanao Island in the
    Philippines. Two phases of exploration during the past year have been
    carried out over porphyry copper-gold targets on the projects. Phase
    one results from the major geophysical programs were reported in news
    releases dated Jan. 8, 2005 and Jan. 18, 2005. The phase two program,
    aimed at fine-tuning drill targets, has recently been completed.
    Between seven and eight porphyry copper-gold prospects have been
    defined. Five of the prospects on the Tapian San Francisco and Agata
    Projects are now drill-ready.

    "Mindoro has worked very hard at accumulating these projects since
    1997, advancing them, and holding on to them during some tough years.
    We are very excited to have located so many porphyry copper-gold
    prospects. We look forward with keen anticipation to major drill
    programs on these targets over this, and future years," said Tony
    Climie, President of Mindoro.

    At Tapian San Francisco, located about eight kilometers from the
    Boyongan and Bayogo porphyry copper-gold deposits of Anglo-Philex Gold,
    and in a similar structural setting, a cluster of seven geophysical
    anomalies were defined over the past year by Induced Polarization (IP)
    surveys. Of these, two porphyry copper-gold prospects, referred to as
    C5 and C6, have been brought to the drill stage. Both are reflected by
    extensive IP chargeability anomalies with capping resistivity anomalies
    and exhibiting a classic porphyry expression. These are coincident with
    porphyry-related rock alteration, and copper, gold and zinc-in-soil
    geochemical anomalies. Copper, gold, zinc and molybdenum mineralization
    is associated with C6. High-grade copper-gold-silver mineralized
    vein-breccia diorite boulders are associated with C5 and interpreted as
    "leakage" from porphyry copper-gold mineralization nearby. Several
    other prospects at Tapian San Francisco have the potential to be
    brought to the drill stage over the next year.

    IP surveys on the Agata Project defined especially strong and extensive
    chargeability anomalies, also in a favorable structural setting near
    the intersection of cross-faults with the Philippine Fault.
    Porphyry-related vein mineralization was drill-intersected on the
    Assmicor prospect by Mindoro in 1999. Current work has focused on
    bringing the Agata North and South porphyry prospects to the drill

    Strong and extensive chargeability anomalies were defined at Agata
    North, with correlating copper-zinc-gold-in-soil anomalies, extensive
    rock alteration and fracturing, and several copper showings. The
    stacked anomalies are consistent with a porphyry copper-gold system at
    A large and very strong chargeability anomaly, with flanking
    resisitivity anomalies, was defined at Agata South. Porphyry-related
    alteration has been mapped near-by. Extensive copper-gold and zinc-in
    soil anomalies have been defined, as well as copper showings, and
    abundant epithermal gold prospects, some of which are being actively
    mined by artisanal miners. These multiple stacked anomalies point
    strongly to the presence of a porphyry copper-gold system at depth.

    Details of the 2005-2006 field program are being finalized with
    Mindoro's joint venture partner, with the objective of drilling three
    to four of the Surigao porphyry copper-gold prospects. Drilling is
    anticipated to commence on Agata in the next few months.

    The Surigao Joint Venture holds one of the largest land positions in
    the Surigao Gold District where there have been several significant
    porphyry copper-gold discoveries in recent years (maps can be seen on
    Mindoro's website). The Surigao Joint Venture partners are Mindoro,
    Minimax Mineral Exploration Corp., a private Philippine company, and
    Panoro Minerals Ltd., the current funding partner. At production, both
    Mindoro and Panoro can each have a 42.5 % interest, with Minimax
    retaining 15%.

    Work is carried out under the supervision of Tony Climie, P. Geol., who
    is a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.


    Mindoro is a Tier One Company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange
    (TSXV: MIO) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OLM). The Company is
    exploring for gold and gold-copper in the prolifically mineralized
    magmatic arcs of the Asia-Pacific Region. Mindoro has been active in
    the Philippines since 1996 and is presently focused on six promising
    projects in politically stable jurisdictions of the Philippines.

    For further information, contact

    Head Office
    Penny Gould, Executive Vice President
    Phone: 1-780-413-8187
    Fax: 1-780-426-2716
    Email: penny@mindoro.com
    Website: https://www.mindoro.com

    Investor Relations
    Marshall Farris, Ascenta Capital Partners Inc.
    Phone: 1-604-628-5800
    Toll Free: 1-866-684-4209
    Email: info@ascentacapital.com

    The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept
    responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

    Copyright (c) 2005 MINDORO RESOURCES LTD. (MIO) All rights reserved.
    For more information visit our website at https://www.mindoro.com/ or
    send mailto:info@mindoro.com
    Message sent on Fri Aug 5, 2005 at 9:48:49 AM Pacific Time

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